How To Promote Your Instagram Stories: 4 Reasonable Tips

Instagram is one of the top trending social media marketing platforms worldwide. It has more than 1 million monthly users and 500 million daily active users on the platform. If you are not using Instagram for your business, you are losing many opportunities to promote your brand. 

Use Instagram for your business to reach more people to your account and get great results from it. Also, you can add Instagram stories to your marketing to expand your brand and content to reach a wider audience. If you are trying to get more views for your story, you can buy story views for Instagram videos to boost more followers to your account. 

1. Post Instagram Stories Regularly

Instagram stories are the perfect place to upload photos and videos that vanish within 24 hours. Also, you can send direct messages to your friends through Instagram stories. Share compelling content to engage your audience and get more views for your Instagram stories. Many marketers are selecting stories to promote their business to a wider audience. 

If you want to make your videos viral on the platform, you need to create compelling content to attract more audiences. Use story effects and filters to create compelling videos and make your audience engaged with your content. 

2. Tag Other Account

By tagging, other accounts in your stories will help you to get a massive audience to your profile. It is one of the great opportunities for brands to show their teams behind their business. Are you wondering how to tag a person in your Instagram story? Follow the few steps to tag others :

First, create your Instagram stories.

  • Type the username and select the id you would like to mention
  • If the username is underlined in your story, then the user can understand that you will tag them. 
  • When someone clicks that mention user, then you will see a pop-up that directs you to that profile. 

You can tag some top trending profiles in your stories to get maximum followers to your Instagram account. 

3. Send The Direct message

Another interesting trick you can use to attract followers’ attention to your account. You can send Instagram stories direct messages to your friends or followers to get instant views for your stories. You can send direct messages to individuals, or also you can send your stories to Instagram groups. If you are new to Instagram stories and don’t know how to send direct messages. Use the below tips. 

  • Take your Instagram Stories
  • Then click the right icon with an arrow in it. It will show accounts who are following you.
  • From there, you can select the id to share your Instagram stories. 

A direct message is one of the effective ways to engage with your Instagram users. It is very useful for brands to give more information about your brands. Then it will automatically increase your brand and content to reach a massive audience. 

4. Promote Your Story On Other Social Media

Sharing your Instagram stories on other channels helps you to get more followers and views for your stories. With this, you can get more reach and impressions to your account. Also, you can buy impressions for Instagram posts to boost your content and make your profile popular on the platform. While creating stories, select the option to save your images and videos automatically. Here you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. When you share your Instagram stories on other social media platforms, make sure to tell your audience to follow your Instagram account. 

Final Words

Instagram is a huge platform that gives brands a huge opportunity to connect with their customers. Creatively use Instagram stories to reach more audiences and get great results for your business in 2021. 

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