How To Mastering Your TikTok Ad Creatives?

Advertisements on TikTok are still in their infancy, and given how distinctive the video format on TikTok is, businesspeople who want to succeed in this fresh environment will need all the assistance they can get. These best practises, according to information obtained directly from TikTok’s headquarters, are your ticket to high-performing ads that reach their full ROI potential.

The gold standard in every industry

Prioritize quality video

TikTok discovered exactly how important high-quality video is to performance by analysing ads that performed particularly well. TikTok videos that have performed well have a resolution of 720p or higher 83.2% of the time. In addition to this, these videos see an increase of an average of 5.4% more impressions.

Utilize audible

The importance of sound. It does not make a difference if you are talking directly into the camera, playing a music track, or doing a voiceover; however, your video must contain some sort of sound. Sound is always playing in the TikTok environment. Because the addition of audio results in a significant increase in impressions, the vast majority (93%) of high-performing TikToks include audio in their videos.

Keep it to a minimum

TikTok is geared towards users who can only focus for brief periods of time. Your advertisements need to be able to fit into this video format while still conveying the intended message. According to the data provided by TikTok, one in every four of the most successful videos is between 21 and 34 seconds long. There is a 1.6% increase in the number of views for videos of this length.

Enter full-screen mode

TikTok stands out from the crowd when compared to other social media platforms in part because of its full-screen viewing format. If you want your social advertisements to benefit from the popularity of TikTok, your videos should utilise the platform in a way that highlights its best features. 98% of the videos that do the best on TikTok can be viewed in full screen, without any kind of border or blank space getting in the way. Videos that have a ratio of 9:16, as is recommended, receive 60.5% more views than those that do not.

Take vertical pictures

The very last thing you want is for your videos to interrupt the flow of viewers as they are scrolling through their TikTok feed. Because your content needs to feel natural on the platform, shooting vertically is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your TikTok ads. Consider the following: if users need to rotate their phones 90 degrees to watch your video, what is stopping them from scrolling past it? Videos that were shot in a vertical orientation received 40.1% more views than those that were shot horizontally or squarely.

Best business practises for online shopping

Mix up the scenes you use

When it comes to product placement on TikTok, switching up your angles and settings is one of the most important things you can do. The presentation of the company’s wares in one video is varied in only one percent of the highest-performing eCommerce videos. Videos that included a variety of scenes received an increase of 40.6% more impressions compared to videos that did not include any b-roll or transition footage.

Caption your CTA

Captions are a vital element of all video content. They make your video accessible to your audience that is deaf or hard of hearing, and they give users who have their sound turned off the ability to consume your content without having to change the settings on their phone. When used for advertisements of eCommerce products on TikTok, captions gain even more power. Advertisements that include captions and on-screen text that reinforce the CTA receive 55.7% more impressions than advertisements that do not include on-screen text.

Put more emphasis on an offer

Are you promoting a limited-time offer, such as a seasonal sale or a discount code? Videos that include footage of a person highlighting an offer receive 67.4% more impressions than videos that do not include such footage.

The most effective strategies for gaming

The following is a list of TikTok’s recommended procedures for advertising games:

To reiterate the call to action: According to the collected data, videos in the gaming category that include a distinct CTA on-screen receive 11.3% more impressions than similar videos that do not.
Display the action: The gaming community generally prefers to watch demonstrations of gameplay and features in action. This is done by more than half of the videos in the gaming category, and as a direct result, those videos receive 12.6% more impressions.
Include a conclusion card that: Ads in the gaming category received 47.3% more impressions as a result of the video’s conclusion being dedicated to a summary of download information, tips, and tricks.
It is time to put these recommendations into action now that you are aware of what it takes to make a successful advertisement on TikTok. TikTok’s editing tools make the process easier, and the company even provides creative tools to assist users in repurposing content from other platforms into videos that are compatible with the platform’s most successful advertisements. After your videos have been published, use Marin One to monitor and improve how well they are doing by adjusting their settings.