Successful Instagram Highlight Videos For Ad Agencies

After all, you can save a tonne of cash by not having to make bad Instagram Reels for your customers if you study and improve upon high-performing Instagram Reels.

What’s more, you won’t have to waste time staying up late to make Instagram Reels that no one watches.

Instagram marketing video samples

1. Mistaken Instagram Photos: Marketing Harry

Instagram Reels are best used for short videos that address important but simple problems.

Marketing This is perfectly shown by Harry’s Instagram Reel, which mocks crummy Instagram profile photographs. After identifying the issue, the Reel provides a brief guide on how to fix it.

2. Second, I’m putting myself down – That Sales Girl

The stress felt by digital marketers is often unnecessary.

In this brief yet motivational Reel, Mia of That Marketing Girl speaks to all the digital marketing industry’s critics.

3. Chris Do, “performance-based pricing,” 3.

Instagram Reels can receive a flood of attention from users if they have evergreen material that explores novel subjects.

4. Major cryptocurrency market decline –

Check the headlines or see what other companies are talking about if you’re stuck for what to film for Instagram Reels.

Like’s Reel on the cryptocurrency market, which discusses current events and trends, these videos can help your clients gain exposure to a wider audience. They won’t have the long-term impact of perpetual content, but they will help you wow your clients quickly.

5. Financially Speaking: How Much Does This Glass Weigh?

The motivational Reels format is used by Financially Simplified to increase user involvement. Their Reel is an excellent illustration of how even minor stresses can add up over time if you give in to them.

6. Robert Kiyosaki: “I’m in debt, but that’s why I’m rich.”

Public engagements, assessments, and podcast episodes are all examples of evergreen material that can be repurposed into Instagram Reels.

One of Robert Kiyosaki’s most popular Reels is a conversation in which he discusses the symbiotic relationship between debt and financial success. His prominence in the financial industry undoubtedly helps him attract an audience, but it’s his dedication to producing high-quality material and “hard truths” that really makes his Instagram feed popular.

7. Food and Wine Magazine’s 7th Annual Aspen Gourmet & Wine Classic

It’s important to be flexible and go beyond the box when developing content for Instagram Reels.

Food & Wine’s “Food & Wines Classic in Aspen” is included in one of their most watched Reels. It was a departure from their regular fare, which consists of instructional films and cooking demonstrations featuring chef Paola Velez.

8. Pinch of Yum’s tacos are what’s up, number 8.

Don’t forget to include detailed descriptions with suggestions for Instagram Reels’ how-to videos.

Users are accustomed to watching videos, but descriptions aid in retaining information like instructions, checklists, and references.

Using the list & ingredients provided in the description, Pinch of Yum produces Instagram Reels. This provides for a more pleasant educational experience for their target demographic.

9. Foodys Lettuce Wraps

Stories on Instagram and Reels often feature helpful tricks, but doing so entertainingly may be difficult.

The Instagram Reel from Foodys begins with a demonstration of the “lettuce wrap” technique. As soon as blogger Jahna Wilson started wrapping other objects in lettuce, the same video went viral.

10. Fenty Beauty’s “Chicken Wing Grease Test”

Social media challenges are a great way to spice up your Instagram Reels.

Fenty Beauty’s Putsicle Moisturizing Lip Stain is put to the “Chicken Wing Grease Test” in their Reel to discover how well it stays put. They collaborated with the fashion and cosmetics expert Trulee Rodney to carry out the experiment.

11. Hajra Asad’s “Snatched Face Technique”

One common technique for making Reels is to comment on or try out the tutorials posted by other Instagram users. In her “snatched face” cosmetics reel, Hajra Asad performed this, and she also featured a reel by beauty blogger Victoria Lyn.

utilise the Instagram app’s explore page or “Reels” tab to find related videos, then utilise the Remix tool to include Instagram Reels released by other accounts. You may add your own Reels before, after, or in the middle of the main movie.

Exactly what are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are user-created short videos with the goals of engaging a specific audience. Instagram Reels have a maximum duration of 90 seconds, but depending on your business objectives, they may be significantly shorter.

Here are six easy strategies to increase engagement with your Instagram Reels:

  • Don’t drag out your video productions.
  • Plan your Instagram Reels around your followers’ schedules.
  • Increase CTA timing by three seconds.
  • Add narration, captions, and in-depth explanations to your instructional Reels.
  • Get your content found more easily by using popular sounds and transitions.
  • Find and employ the appropriate hashtags to improve discoverability.

Make the most of Instagram for advertising

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