Instagram: A Great Weapon Used In Content Promotion Strategy

real likes to gain IGTV engagement

Do you want to promote content on your own without spending much budget? Instagram is the only solution to create a great visual and memorable experience for the audiences who view your video. A great video on Instagram tends to stay viewers longer within your profile.

Now, Instagram gained over 1.5 billion active users and has become the third most prominent social media network after Facebook and YouTube. Since over 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35 years, it shines as the perfect platform for brands, marketers, and creators to showcase their content to young audiences.

Are you now ready to use Instagram as a content promotion tool? Follow the strategies listed below to enhance the power of Instagram:

Convert Boring Content Into Short Stories

The content format on the Instagram platform makes a big difference among your target audiences. Most people show interest in responding to the visual content rather than the image posts because it curates the audience‚Äôs brain. Considering all the social media channels, Instagram will be the perfect one to gain potential audiences with visual content. 

But how to attain success through video content? Instagram stories feature provides the solution. Preparing short videos or recreating boring content into short stories helps to gain audience attention. A versatile content on Instagram story increases the curiosity of your followers, which tends them to learn more about your account. 

Make Use Of IGTV

Instagram keeps on offering new features that help to promote your visual content to a greater extent. Likewise, Instagram launched an exciting platform to promote your content known as IGTV (Instagram TV), providing long-form videos. Though short videos attract more audiences, IGTV videos help to connect with audiences that deliver a brief concept in a more engaging way.  

Moreover, people show interest in watching your videos if it contains greater engagement. To make it possible, invest your effort in grabbing real likes to gain IGTV engagement for your videos faster and attract new visits to your profile. Whether creating a new video or recreating the existing high-quality, creative, and exciting content will be the best to attract more audiences.

Go With Sponsored Posts

Running Instagram sponsored posts helps to get fresh and potential audiences who already have interest in your account. Though you need to spend some budget for sponsored posts, it creates visual promotions among wider audiences. Even though the posts are paid, it is a genuine approach to reaching your target audiences. Make your content attractive to spread among your target audiences and make a decision to follow you.

Build A Content Theme

Another important step to consider while making a content plan on Instagram is the content theme. Maintaining a consistent theme on your account helps audiences easily identify your brand. When new users view your Instagram account, they get attracted if all your content focuses on the same theme, making it easier for them to understand. So, while generating videos to gain audience interest, it is essential to maintain a consistent theme to improve your brand noise by standing out from the crowd.

Find Right Influencers

Influencers are famous persons on social media channels with potential followers who trust their content blindly. If your goal is to promote your content in a more natural way, approaching the influencer relevant to your content will be the right choice. There are three types of influencers – macro, micro, and nano, that get split according to their followers count. But focusing on micro-influencers will be the best to rank your videos in the view of target audiences. Influencers promote your content with the branded hashtag, thus enhancing the massive traffic to improve your popularity.


Instagram is continuously growing its popularity among digital marketers to promote its content. More than Facebook, Instagram has become the best platform to gain audience attention towards your content. Use the above tips to promote your content and build potential audiences that build your popularity.