How To Leverage Instagram TV For Your Brand?

Instagram TV (also known as IGTV) is the company’s newest app, and its vertical style makes it ideal for both video creation and watching on your phone, leading many to predict that it will eventually rival YouTube.

The Rise of Video

Wordstream reports that video consumption accounts for one-third of all time spent online, with smartphones accounting for viewing of more than half of all online video. What’s more, Cisco predicts that by 2021, a whopping 78% of mobile data traffic will be video, which is fantastic news for IGTV consumers.

Instagram Video Marketing Tips: The 6 Most Powerful Methods for Skyrocketing Success is Highly Recommended.

Based on these numbers, it’s clear that online marketers and business owners need to incorporate marketing videos into their content marketing plan, with a distinct advantage going to those that create videos that are tailored specifically for mobile devices.

Pricey tools are unnecessary

Sound, lighting, filming, and editing hardware and software can be quite pricey, which may discourage you from trying video for the first time.

However, none of this is required before proceeding. With IGTV’s vertical style, users of all skill levels are encouraged to make videos with their mobile devices. This channel was developed specifically for this purpose, and while the pricier tools can still be employed, they are now largely superfluous. Free apps like InShot make it possible to get started with only a mobile phone and zero additional costs.

That You Are All Alone!

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to begin a YouTube channel in its infancy, back in 2005?

Well, here’s your chance to do just that… Now is the moment to jump on the IGTV bandwagon! Now is the time to take advantage of IGTV’s low user base by getting your foot in the door, figuring out what works (and what doesn’t), and staying ahead of the competition.

Instagram Is Hoping You’ll Do

Instagram’s newest feature, and they want you to play with it! What’s the big deal if you care? Why? Because they plan to reward you for your efforts.

When Facebook Company Pages originally appeared, this phenomenon occurred. All of the page’s engagement came from organic sources.

Again, we saw this phenomenon with Facebook Live, as the platform’s newest favourite received greater exposure than previous post formats.

The same thing will probably occur with IGTV; in fact, they’ve already given IGTV users a couple of wonderful new capabilities.

And now, Instagram is allowing links in our video descriptions, which was previously only available in our bios, making the coveted’swipe up’ feature from Instagram Stories accessible to anyone who wants to promote their IGTV video.

These advantages won’t continue forever, so take use of them while you still can.


No one is anticipating a plot worthy of a major motion picture. The very nature of making videos on a mobile device makes them more raw and unpolished. Because of its simplicity, we can record information at an unprecedented level with no elaborate infrastructure or specialised equipment.

The skills and gear of seasoned videographers will still be in demand, as will their desire to demonstrate their mastery. In any case, you don’t need any of it to make interesting and enjoyable media.

Take out your phone and give IGTV a try; you have nothing to lose. A simple introduction to yourself and your company could be a good place to begin.

Are You Ready to Begin?

We trust that you’re sold and ready to give IGTV a shot, so here are some pro pointers to get you started:

a) Plan ahead: Before diving into IGTV, think about how it will help you achieve your business objectives. Every piece of content you make, including IGTV videos, should serve a specific purpose.

After deciding what you want people to do as a result of watching your IGTV content, make sure you tell them. After watching your movies, what should they do? Maybe you’d like their input. To subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Instagram, etc.

b) Maintain Continuity: Consistency is the key to success in any communication medium. Once you’ve decided to use IGTV, be consistent with your upload schedule.

Since your audience can see and hear you in a video, it’s a great approach to establish your brand because it’s more personable than a blog article or podcast. d. Be genuine. Make sure the stuff you put out there is genuine and truly reflects who you are as a person and your company as a whole. This is the most effective strategy for getting noticed in a competitive industry.

Since there aren’t many people using your site at the moment, you can safely experiment with various forms of content to find what resonates best with your target demographic. e.

If you want to succeed on IGTV, you should do your homework first. There are already a tonne of wonderful tools out there to assist you get started with IGTV.

c) Success Metrics: As a group, we are still learning the ropes of this relatively new channel, and there are few examples from which to draw. Track the success of several video formats to see what works best for you. Doing so will help you get the most out of your IGTV efforts.