How To Use Instagram Stories To Increase Company Awareness And Interest

Stories have become as ubiquitous on Instagram as “link in bio.” The success they’ve had attests to their quality. The time has come to think of some new material for your Instagram stories.

Using Instagram Stories is a great way to interact with your followers. Posting to Stories allows you to keep in touch with your audience without being intrusive, unlike in-feed updates.

Inspiration for your next Instagram story

There is no limit to the variety of Stories that may be created. Fifty-two percent of those who answered a recent LinkedIn survey said they utilised Stories to share material, links, and interact with their audience.

The number of times your Story is seen and commented on by your audience determines whether or not it will appear at the top of your followers’ feed.

Marketing using Instagram Stories

Model a “this or that” scenario.

These are a fun and simple method to get people involved. They keep users engaged as they tap to see how others voted and what happens next.

There’s usually a Poll sticker on these Stories so readers may choose between “This” and “That.” Plus, you can utilise them in an endless variety of ways, so they’ll never get old.

Stickers to advertise a sale

Promoting time-sensitive offers in stories is an effective strategy. Spread the word about your sale by posting about it throughout the week.

Add a link to your items so that your followers may purchase them right away.

Time till a new product is released

A countdown is a great way to get people excited about an approaching release or announcement. Instagram users may set a reminder for when the countdown is over by using countdown stickers, which can be used for shopping, checking back in, and other purposes.

Put up your article or blog post

A strong link in bio tool won’t save you from losing readers if they have to click through from a post to your profile.

You may add a link sticker to your Story and then use it to connect to external resources like blogs, articles, data reports, and more. This includes linking to articles about your business that have appeared elsewhere online or in print.

Embellish your content with stickers.

On Instagram, the phrase “sticker” may refer to a wide variety of ephemera, from polls and quizzes to inquiry boxes and popular seasonal designs.

In this case, we’re referring to graphic stickers with a cute design, like the one in Sprout’s Story. These can be used to highlight key points or to build suspense.

Promote your product by posting a positive review.

Verified purchaser feedback is crucial. In fact, 39% of customers say they like brand demonstrations and/or client testimonials.

By highlighting positive feedback from consumers in your Stories, you may earn the trust of new purchasers and show appreciation to those who have already given you feedback. Also, everybody benefits from that.

Discuss the day’s business objectives with me.

Sharing your daily or weekly business plans with others not only puts your work on show, but also motivates them to try out your time management or organisational techniques.

Inspirational Instagram Stories

Make a game.

Instagram’s algorithm gives more weight to Stories that have been seen and interacted with often in the past.

Making your Story more engaging using games will have your audience coming back for more. They have fun, and you get more involved in their lives; it’s a win-win.

Imaginative Instagram Story Topics

Explain the steps involved in creating the item.

Showing your audience the production process is like giving them a sneak peek at the set in a behind-the-scenes story.

Taking the audience behind the scenes of the creation of an artwork, an article of apparel, or a cake adds extra depth to the brand’s story.

Drag and drop emoticons

Perhaps the most “exclusive to Instagram” sticker style is the emoji slider. Not only are they enjoyable and useful, but their simplicity is also a plus.

These sliders allow users to express their opinions on a matter or topic by sliding an emoji up or down the slider. You don’t have to include a question or prompt on your Slider sticker, but you may if you want to, as Shedd Aquarium did down below.

Make your own interesting Instagram stories and post them for others to enjoy.

This is by no means the final suggestion for an Instagram story. There is an infinity of possibilities for making Stories that people can’t help but tap on.

The potential for increased participation and audience involvement, as well as revenue generation and ROI validation, is present.

You should use this page as a guide. The next step is to read our post on Instagram marketing strategy to learn how to incorporate your new Story concepts into your overall marketing efforts.