An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Stories GIF Stickers

Do you want to use Instagram GIF Stickers in your stories? Here are three simple (but not widely recognised) methods for making your own GIF Stickers to use in your own social media postings.

It’s possible that animated GIFs and stickers can do wonders for your company’s image.
Instagram users who have been around for a while are likely familiar with GIF Stickers. They are the entertaining GIFs, movies, or artworks with a translucent backdrop that may be used as overlays on Instagram Stories.

They allow you to inject some of yourself into your postings, increasing their interest and readership.

Instagram’s Various GIF Sticker Formats

The Instagram Stories Sticker menu is the primary location for discovering GIF Stickers. Select the Sticker button to access them:
Here is a selection of Instagram’s available GIF Stickers. Some of these stickers are Instagram-specific in the sense that they represent unique Instagram features. You may find some of them by using Instagram’s GIF search tool to look through thousands of GIF Stickers on Giphy.

  • Stickers for Mentioning a Place or a Person
  • Tag GIF Sticker (searches all of Giphy’s stickers) with a hashtag.
  • Adhesive Timepiece
  • Sticker Poll
  • Sticker Question Countdown
  • Sticker With Emoticons
  • Putting in your own GIF Stickers seems unnecessary.

Most Instagram users are unaware that they may upload their own GIF Stickers. You can, though!

You may go the quick and simple path and utilise GIF Stickers from other companies or even Instagram if you don’t feel like making your own.

For instance, here’s a piece I created about how to use Poll Stickers. The guide shows you how to implement them for maximum impact.

Instagram Stories GIF Stickers: Three Methods for Making and Using Your Own

I’m going to go from the easiest way to add your Stickers to Instagram Stories (which requires the least “work”) to the most involved way (which requires a bit more work but offers you a lot more flexibility).

All three are fair game for promotional usage.

Import stickers from your gallery

I only recently learned this one, and it’s an easy technique. This is how it functions on my Apple iPhone:
To add a Sticker to your Instagram Story, step one is to open your Story and get ready.

Place the finished GIF Sticker (transparent picture or GIF Sticker) in your Camera Roll

This may be accomplished through the use of Email, Google Docs, or Dropbox. In this instance, I’m pasting a GIF of flip-flops that I sent in an email. It’s just a GIF of the flip-flops swaying back and forth.

Click the Download button

The GIF Sticker will then appear on a screen with sharing and save options. Select “Copy” from the menu.
After step 5, you may return to Instagram and see your Story waiting for you to share. The copied Sticker will appear as an option for you to paste it anywhere else. The “Add Sticker” button may be accessed by tapping its icon.
Just like adding a Sticker from Instagram’s Sticker gallery, your Sticker will be uploaded to your Instagram Story.
Conclude your story regularly. So long! A non-Instagram sticker may be easily integrated into your Story with only a few taps.

Create your own Giphy Stickers and Insert Them

It’s a little more work, but I’m getting you ready for step three, when the fun with GIF Stickers for your business truly begins.

The alternative involves creating a Giphy Channel where you may keep and distribute your GIFs and GIF Stickers.

I believe this is a fantastic idea, and I urge you to pursue it even if you aren’t quite prepared for Step 3 (applying for a Branded Giphy Channel).

Sticking your GIF on Instagram Stories

As with the first option, this one is also quite easy and just requires a few clicks.

To begin, launch Instagram and go to the Story tab.

  • Navigate to your Giphy account and choose the GIF you’d want to publish. Here, I’ll use my Socially Sorted profile to locate the “Marketing Besties” sticker. Launch Giphy on your mobile device and register for an account. Your own collection of GIFs and GIF Stickers will be displayed.
  • choose the desired sticker by tapping on it, and then copy it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to save the GIF to your device’s gallery. Then, in the Instagram app, launch your Story once more, as seen above.
  • After adding your GIF Sticker, you are now set to go. In this scenario, the beating heart sticker is animated.

Find Stickers from a Custom Giphy Channel in Your Search Results

I’ve taken use of the various perks of having a Branded Giphy account for some time now:

  • Recognition from Giphy as a Business, Musician, Brand, or Famous Person.
  • Possibility of uploading GIFs that can be searched on to your Giphy account. The GIFs you post to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be searchable by you and the general public. That’s really great.
  • Your GIFs’ “views” are counted and recorded. You may check some fundamental analytics on the popularity of your GIFs.


GIFs and GIF Stickers, while not usually tied to direct returns or sales, may be terrific branding tools for reacting to and communicating with customers on social media.

In addition, they may be great for making material that your audience can utilise, as long as that content is in line with your brand and helps your audience tell the narrative of your business.