The Ins And Outs Of Creating And Using Instagram Highlight Videos

When developing Instagram Reels, Instagram realised that it’s not just content, but video content, that reigns supreme. Within 18 months of its release, TikTok had more than 1 billion downloads worldwide because to its constant stream of short, engaging video snippets.

As nations including the United States explored banning TikTok over privacy concerns, Instagram released Reels in August 2020, which included new audio and video editing tools similar to those on TikTok. In 2022, this rapidly expanding Instagram video feature accounted for up to 20% of all user engagement.

Your Feed may include Reels.

Similar to regular Instagram videos, your Reel will appear in your Feed with a cinematic clapperboard icon in the upper right corner. Feel free to browse them as you would a regular video post.

You may post your caption whenever you think it will have the most impact, and it will appear beneath the Reel just like all of your other Instagram post captions.

When should one upload reels to Instagram?

While there may not be a “right” moment to post Instagram Reels, the timing of your posts can affect their engagement stats just as it does for any other type of Instagram content. Posting when the majority of your target audience is online on Instagram is essential if you want your Reel to get the most views possible.

If you have an Instagram Business or Creator account, you may access your Professional Dashboard by tapping the Insights tab.

In this section, you can view information about your audience, such as when they’re online, how often they engage with your content, what they enjoy, and more.

Viewing Instagram Highlights and Highlight Reels

The Insights Overview may be accessed by selecting the Insights tab on your profile feed.

Once you’ve determined the times and days when your target demographic is most likely to engage with your Reel, you can go on to tracking the Reel’s actual performance.

You can determine when your followers are most active and what kinds of material they find most interesting by analysing your Reels and audience Insights.

Instagram’s Reels Algorithm: What You Need to Know
Instagram’s algorithm also determines the order in which Reels appear. This formula takes into account a wide range of data, such as the number of interactions with a post, its length, its content, and more.

Promo Videos That Go Viral

But how exactly will it help your brand in terms of exposure, customer base size, and bottom line? Here are some current instances of how marketers are using Reels to achieve this goal:

A History of the Nike Brand

Customers need to believe in your brand and its story for it to succeed. For instance, Nike is one company that excels at storytelling both on and off Instagram. Athletes that rely on Nike to compete, train, and, most importantly, live their best lives are profiled in this Reel.

The Reel switches between young Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA champion he is now as he makes a heartfelt vow about doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Products in Use at HelloFresh

If you use Instagram just as a sales tool, Reels are the best way to showcase your product’s superior quality. Promoting a service on Reels allows you to show potential clients and fans exactly how you operate.

An Inside Look at Schiaparelli

For those of us without a background in fashion, this Reel from Italian label Schiaparelli provides a rare glimpse into the high couture creation process.

Instagram Highlights versus.

To decide if a channel or feature is fit for your team, it is vital to examine the advantages, negatives, and critical marketing takeaways as you explore Reels, TikTok, and other developing social media platforms in your marketing plan.

A few things to keep in mind while thinking about Reels:

What passes muster on TikTok may not fly in Reels.

TikTok is a worldwide, youthful, and extremely adventurous audience. For these reasons, there aren’t many restrictions on what kind of content may be shared. Instagram, on the other hand, has been around longer, has a little more mature demographic, and has established content rules or user expectations as a result.

Uploading a couple of your existing TikTok films to Reels is a great way to see how they perform on both platforms and gain insight on how to improve them.

As you gain familiarity with your Reels audience, you may discover that popular videos on TikTok don’t resonate as strongly with them as they do with Instagram users. If that’s the case, you may try making some exclusive material only for Reels.

Instagram marketing is elevated using reels.

Consider giving Reels a try, and while the aforementioned considerations are important, don’t forget about the possibilities it presents. If you’re an Instagram pro who knows what their followers want and is interested in trying out TikTok-style videos, Reels might be a terrific alternative for you. To make sure your profile, other content, and, eventually, your Reels are on point for your business and optimised for brand recognition, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your Instagram marketing abilities and understanding of the Instagram platform before you start testing out Reels.