9 Secret Instagram Hacks To Boost Likes, Shares And Comments

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Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users all over the world, and it is the third most famous social media platform. Instagram is the best platform for growing your business and connecting with your friends. Whether you are a brand manager, influencer, or entrepreneur, Instagram is a great option to grow your followers. 

Although everyone aims to grow their Instagram business faster. 52.35% of Instagram accounts have less than 1,000 followers, 37.41% of users have 1,001-10000 followers, and less than 10% of Instagram accounts have more than 10K followers. 

There are a lot of pages that offer advice to help you grow your Instagram account faster. They will generic things like,  

  • Create a branded hashtag
  • Use geolocation on your post
  • Partner with another brand

But it does not work for all Instagram accounts, very few of them have benefits. Follow this article to know the actionable Instagram hacks to grow your Instagram account. When you have a personal account, business account, or a theme page, all of the strategies here will help you get a massive following on your Instagram account. 

  • Instagram Theme
  • Posting Schedule
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Instagram story
  • Work with micro-influencers
  • Use follow for follow
  • Comment on your competitor’s account
  • Story Ads to grow followers
  • Use Instagram analytics

1. Instagram Theme

This is the first and foremost step to build your Instagram account more attractive. The Instagram aesthetic is the first thing when people come to your Instagram page. Putting a consistent feed with the same colors and theme attracts your followers to follow your account. 

Using the best Instagram theme is the easiest way to get likes, which could help your overall social proof of the Instagram page. How could you create a perfect Instagram page? Well, the theme varies depending on your Instagram page and strategies. Whether you have a business account, your theme will be based on your product. If you do not have a personal account and just reposting the content of others, the theme is fairly simple. Your page may not have the same colors, but your content should follow the same theme. 

You should always try to use the same colors and same backgrounds for all your Instagram posts. When you want unique Instagram themes, you could also buy themes from Instagram.  

2. Posting Schedule

The truth is Instagram wants to promote pages that one posts consistently. What is consistent? If you seriously need to grow your Instagram account faster, you should post on your page at least once a day. You should never ignore a day of posting. It is more important to get more traffic, likes, and comments to your page. 

This will be different for your Instagram theme page or personal page. For a personal account with no need for daily posting, it is okay to post three times a week. The reason to post consistently is that it gives you more chances to viral your post. You may show up on the Instagram top page, or Instagram explore page. Explore page appears under your search bar. The top page shows some of the popular posts related to your search. 

Putting more posts on your Instagram page allows you to grow your followers fast. The right way to follow a consistent posting is to create a proper schedule and use a posting bot for your page. Instagram only allows certain bots for posting that are part of their Instgaram program otherwise, it will penalize your account. 

Another important thing is posting time on your Instagram account. Because Instagram shows your content to followers in the order in which they were uploaded. You should know your competitors’ posting time, then you could plan your schedule for posting. Instagram has shown posts to your followers regarding their likes, comments, and shares. If someone is frequently liking your posts, commenting on your posts, and visiting your profile. Posting time is not a matter, Instagram could show them your post on the first page. 

3. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram growth hacks to drive more traffic. If you have a healthy Instagram page, you could see a lot of small accounts using hashtags like #health, #wealth, #happy, etc. The reason behind this is that millions of users are using these hashtags for searching on Instagram.

The issue is many Instagram pages that use these same hashtags in their posts. If you use the hashtag #wealth, you could compete against popular accounts. While you search on Instagram, it shows a lot of different posts on the top results. Instagram shows posts to you depending on the number of likes, shares, comments, and saves of each post. When your post gets more than 30,000 likes that will show up on top results for that hashtag.

How To Find The Right Hashtags 

There are two ways to identify the right hashtag. You could search hashtags manually or use tools to find the trending hashtags. For manual research, go to explore and type your hashtag on the search bar. It will show you the list of popular hashtags with the number of posts tagged in that hashtag. You could select a related hashtag to your account within the list.

4. Instagram Story

To increase your credibility among potential followers, you should regularly post stories on your account. Having a red circle around your Instagram logo indicates that you have an active story. When new visitors come to your page they could first click your story to see your latest updates. Having an active story on your account indicates to potential customers, you are active within the past 24 hours. 

One of the easiest things to follow is to just reshare your post on your story. Add your website link in your Instagram story to get organic blogger outreach service and increase quality traffic. You could use different filters and stickers to make unique content. Adding hashtags in your story helps to drive new traffic to your page. Write some text above the story and add an arrow that points to your post. You could add more than one hashtag in your story, but Instagram only registers the first three hashtags. Using more hashtags looks spammy for your account so better to use stickers in the story. 

Using bigger hashtags in a story is a good one for getting more traffic if your story disappears within 24 hours. Remember, if you just post your story, visitors could read it without visiting your page. You should make it interactive content by adding a page tag, like a poll, Q/A, quiz, etc. These elements are more helpful to you to engage with your followers. If you have more reactions to the story, it may go viral. The effective strategy is using interactive stickers in Instagram stories.  

5. Work With Micro-Influencers 

To find micro-influencers, you just look at their follower’s count and the number of likes they receive in each post. You need to find users with at least a 10% engagement rate. The cost of the advertisement will vary depending on their follower’s rate and likes of each post. Reach out the multiple influencers to figure out a good price for advertisement. 

Micro-influencers have potential followers in their accounts, so you can get more customers from their accounts. If you offer products to their audiences that help them build engagement also helps you to get more followers. 

6. Use follow to follow 

Many people say this strategy does not work because users do not follow you back or engage with your content. The follow or follow method is a powerful strategy to gain more potential followers. The truth behind is you might follow more people, likely some of the people follow you back. If more people will follow you back, you can get more likes, comments, and shares and grow your account fast. 

Some people wrongly understand this strategy that they are just following everyone. This is not the correct way to go about it. While you are doing follow or follow strategy, make sure the following people are already engaged with content related to your niche. You have an Instagram account in the photography niche. Find someone within the same niche who has more followers than you. Go into that account and follow everyone on their follower’s list. 

You should follow this strategy to get your first thousand followers. Before you reach a thousand followers on your account, you should follow 200 to 400 people per day. You have more chances of getting 10% of the people who will follow you back within two months. Instagram only allows you to follow up to 7,500 people. Make sure you never get close to that following count on your account. You could also use tools for unfollowing people who never follow you back. Unfollow your followers from 200 to 400 people a day. Do not exceed more than four hundred people. Otherwise, Instagram will notify you like you are committing suspicious behavior. Instagram warnings are harmless, sometimes your account will be blocked temporarily. 

You could stop using this strategy after getting two thousand to five thousand followers on your account. Because in this range your post could get the possibility to go viral on Instagram. If you are not unfollowers your followers, you have the same followers rate and following rate. This is very close to the Instagram limit, and it also does not look professional. 

7. Comment On Your Competitors account

You identify the Instagram account that is relevant to your niche and comment on their post. If you are becoming the first comment on their post and getting more likes on your comment. You could follow everyone who liked your comment. This will increase your follower’s rate and likes. 

To become the first comment on their content, you need to set up notifications for that account. Click on their following tab and turn on post notifications to get immediate notification when they post. 

8. Story Ads To Grow Followers

To reach more than 10k followers, you should use the swipe-up feature on your Instagram stories. Using the Instagram swipe-up feature is the only way to get an organic link to your website and increase quality traffic. Instagram stories always have higher engagement rates than Instagram posts. 

You should create story ads within 15 seconds with a better understanding. In that video, you should briefly explain your business and add a call to action to follow your Instagram page.

9. Use Instagram Analytics

Using Instagram analytics, you can see the number of likes, comments, and shares and saves to your post. You can also know your audience’s engagement time, likes, gender, language, location, etc. Instagram insights show your well-performing content on your content. This is more useful for you to prepare your future Instagram strategy.

Analytics also shows your well-performing hashtags in your insights. These are the important things for choosing the right theme for Instagram accounts. 


Use the above Instagram hack to grow your likes, shares, and comments on your Instagram page. The main objective of Instagram is to post entertaining content and get more followers. For a business account, you should concentrate on making your brand popular and increasing sales.