How To Leverage Instagram Giveaways To Boost Your Followers?

Ninety percent of Instagram users are following at least one business. Many brands and influencers set a target of 10,000 Instagram followers as an early, ambitious aim. At this tier, Instagram enables the “swipe up” function in Instagram Stories, which lets you link to your website within the Story itself.

Get Real Instagram Followers in 8 Easy Steps

A opportunity to win is always welcomed. But it’s not great for business if you attract a lot of people who enter your Instagram giveaway or contest but then stop following you afterward. Instead, you may encourage both your established audience and potential new followers to stick around by strategically planning your Instagram giveaway’s caption, prizes, and hashtags.

You may increase your Instagram following and exposure by hosting a giveaway aimed towards your target demographic.

Find the Best Instagram Followers by Niche

Finding out what drives and interests your target audience is essential before coming up with an Instagram giveaway or contest. Learning this information will aid you in choosing a fitting award and writing a captivating caption. Both can pique people’s interest enough to get them check out your ad or profile.

Under the Insights tab on Instagram, you’ll see demographic data such as user age, gender, and geography. However, by using social listening techniques and researching the competition, you can learn more about your target demographic. These strategies assist you focus on the people who are most interested in your brand’s offerings and most likely to become loyal followers.

Offer an Appropriate Reward to Attract New Viewers

Everyone enjoys the possibility of receiving a free gift, but not everyone would become a good fan. The appropriate incentive can either encourage or discourage people to take part. In addition, the prize ought to be consistent with your brand and ship for a reasonable price.

Understanding what drives your audience is a terrific method to attract more of them to follow you. Why do people go to the trouble of entering Instagram giveaways? Do they hope to win over their companions? Experiment with new, locally sourced skin care products? Or maybe they’re looking for a present that they can split with a colleague.

Create Eye-Catching Visuals

The quality of your pictures and the way your feed is laid out in general will determine whether or not your follower count skyrockets. People are more likely to stay on your company profile and explore further content if it is organised in a consistent grid.

Make the most of your time by working on multiple Instagram contest entries at once. Next, create images for your website, email, landing pages, and other social media that match the style you’ve established.

What to Say in a Giveaway Announcement

Approximately 125 characters are visible on a mobile phone before a fan is forced to scroll to view more, whereas closer to 200 characters are visible on a desktop. Although Instagram allows up to 2,200 characters in a post, most users simply want to take in the photos rather than read novel-length descriptions.

There is no single best way to create a giveaway article, but following these guidelines can increase the chances that consumers will participate in your contest, share it with their friends, and subscribe to your business.

Instagram contest and giveaway hashtag selection

Since Instagram users discover new material via the app’s search box, you can increase exposure for your posts by using relevant hashtags. Or you could have an Instagram contest using hash tags. It’s a painless method of getting more people involved in your contest.

Pick a few hashtags from your target niche and a few more at random to throw in for good measure. While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, most users only use 1-3.

Create Guidelines for Instagram Contests

Instagram allows brands to give away free products, but only if they follow the rules. Instructions for the contest should be posted first, followed by any legal fine print.

Guidelines for running a successful Instagram contest:

  • Company name and contact information
  • The beginning and ending times of your contest.
  • When will the winner be announced, and what time zone will that be?
  • Criteria for participation could include age or geography.
  • How to enter and the total number of entries must be made very clear.
  • Specifics on how the winner will be selected and announced will be greatly appreciated.

Organise a giveaway or contest on Instagram

You’ll need a method of keeping score and determining winners before you can launch your competition. Although this can be done manually, many people choose to use a giveaway tool that selects winners based on a random comment generator. The amount of time it can save you is substantial.

Having a neutral platform select the winners also increases the process’s openness. Woobox is a piece of contest software that integrates with your email and website analytics to monitor things like brand awareness and click-through rates.

The next step is to plan when your content will be published. If you want your Instagram posts to be seen by the most people, schedule them to go live when your audience is most likely to be online.

Advertise your Instagram contest

The vast majority of internet users participate in at least two social media platforms and/or receive email newsletters. Engage with them as part of your cross-channel advertising strategy. It spreads the word about your business and the freebie you’re offering, which could lead to more people following you. Have Fun Selecting the Lucky Winner!

You can stay in touch with contestants until the very end by announcing the winner of your Instagram giveaway. You can write a winner’s post, go live, or add the announcement to your Instagram Story to let everyone know who won. It’s also a great place to tell new subscribers about upcoming deals and promotions and get them excited to hear from you again.