When And Why To Use Instagram’s Desktop Uploading Feature

Instagram initially allowed square photos to be uploaded from mobile devices in 2010. Since then, the software has expanded batch uploading, in-app chat, and a suite of editing options that can transform even the most rudimentary smartphone camera into a professional-grade device. Instagram added a new function in 2021 that allowed users to upload content from their own computers.

It’s possible that casual users won’t feel the need to utilise a computer to upload to Instagram. However, this update has the potential to make Instagram administration easier and more effective for businesses.

This tutorial will show you how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from your computer, as well as discuss the advantages of doing so.

For what purposes would a company use a computer to make Instagram posts?

Instagram’s desktop publishing functionality may be appealing to corporate account admins for the following reasons:

Streamline the publication procedure.

If you’ve ever tried to upload a picture from your company’s server to Instagram, you know it’s not the easiest thing in the world. You might have had to send the photo to yourself through email, then retrieve it on your mobile device before posting it to Instagram. Posting to Instagram from a computer streamlines this procedure.

Make perfect writings

It might be difficult to read your text and hashtags on a 6-inch smartphone screen and catch any mistakes. You may compose your Instagram post in a text editor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, proofread it on your desktop, and then paste it into your Instagram post.

Photographers and designers are promoted who need to preview how a picture will look can benefit from a larger screen as well. Any issues with aspect ratio or resolution will be easier to spot on a desktop.

Develop a healthy work-life balance

It’s not uncommon for marketers to use their own smartphones while managing Instagram accounts. It’s possible to accidentally share content from one profile on another if you’re not careful about switching between accounts. This blunder is avoided when Instagram posts are made from a corporate computer.

Posting to Instagram from Your Computer

You may check your feed, profile, alerts, and direct messages (DMs), as well as submit photographs and videos, on the desktop online version of Instagram.

1. Using Sprout Social on a computer to make Instagram posts

You can use Sprout Social to update your Instagram Business Profile with images, videos, carousels, and Stories. You may also see in-depth data, work together with your team, and cross-post to other channels.

To upload a picture or images to Instagram, launch Compose in the Sprout desktop app. Before publishing a photograph on Sprout, you may modify it with the platform’s built-in photo editor.

Schedule your first remark, add hashtags and tag up to 20 persons in advance once you have your image ready and the account you wish to publish to selected. You may also use internal tags to categorise your articles according to a certain initiative.

2. Using Your Web Browser to Share to Instagram

Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, you may use any web browser to upload photos to Instagram. You can do anything you can do on the smartphone app on the online version of Instagram, including uploading and posting photos and videos. Whether you’re using Chrome, Safari, or another browser, here’s how to upload photos and videos to Instagram on your computer:

To upload an image to Instagram, just open the app on your computer and click the plus sign. The image may be dropped in place, or you can choose it from your computer to upload.

3. Instagram desktop posting with Creator Studio

To publish, manage, monetize, and monitor the promote content across all of your Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles, you may utilise Creator Studio if you have an Instagram Business or Creator account.

Using Creator Studio for Instagram, you can upload and schedule images, videos, and carousel posts straight from your computer.

Connect your Instagram or Facebook account by logging into the Creator Studio dashboard with those credentials.

Select Instagram Feed from the drop-down menu after clicking Create Post. Create a caption for this. You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags and 30 mentions.

Then, add your picture, either by selecting one from your computer or by uploading it from your Facebook account. You may choose to publish your work immediately or at a later time by clicking the Publish button.

4. Sharing Your Desktop Instagram Story

In spite of its unique format, Instagram Stories may be published from a desktop computer with the help of Sprout’s mobile publishing workflow.

You may use the desktop app to schedule your Instagram Story video, and then assign a Mobile Publisher (someone in charge of posting to Instagram) to upload it using the mobile app on the appointed day and time.

The advantages of using Sprout Social to upload photos to Instagram from your computer

You may now use your computer’s web browser or Facebook’s Creator Studio to upload photos to Instagram directly from your computer. However, Sprout’s desktop app is the way to go if you value your time at the computer.