An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Carousel Posts

How often do you tap the little arrow on Instagram?

This may be so you can see what your favourite influencer is up to during a music festival, for example. Or to catch up on a fresh blog post by an industry heavyweight. Instagram’s Carousel function is being utilised here.

Everybody’s utilising it now, from the biggest corporations to the smallest influencers, to keep their audiences interested. It’s a creative strategy for piqueing interest. This article will define Carousel posts and explain how you can use them to advertise your business.

Instagram Carousel Posts: What Are They?

Having to pick just one photo to represent a whole event or line of goods might feel like a cruel constraint. After all, you might wish to show off the experience’s many different emotions. Your items may also have multiple colour options, patterns, or sizes that you’d like to advertise.

Instagram’s Carousel posts might be useful in this situation. You may show off your product’s finest points in all their glistening beauty with their help.

Instagram Carousel Post Creation Guide

Instagram makes it simple to create Carousel posts.

Start up Instagram

Launch the Instagram app on your Apple or Google Play device, then sign in. (Keep in mind that the choices presented in the two applications may vary significantly.)

Start a new thread

To include media in your latest Instagram post, simply use the “+” button. Select the “Select Multiple” option when you are taken to the photo folders on your phone.

Select media files

All of your chosen images will be shown in the header of your screen. The selected images’ thumbnails will also be numbered. You’re limited to no more than 10 media files per post, whether they’re all videos, all photographs, or a combination of both.

After choosing the media for your Carousel post, proceed by clicking “Next.”

Photo editing and filtering

All the selected media may now be seen in a gallery for your perusal. Simply tapping on a filter of your liking will apply it to all of your future posts. You can see what happens when you apply the Clarendon filter to all of the selected photographs in the following snapshot by clicking on that word.
On the other hand, you may modify media files independently. To do this, choose the desired images or clips, and then click the “Edit” button.

When you are finished making changes, proceed by clicking “Next.”

Put a caption under it, tag several pals, and maybe even your location.
Captioning your Carousel post is the last step before hitting the publish button. Keep in mind that the same caption will appear next to all of the selected media. Therefore, you should choose a caption that applies to all of them.

You may also specify your location and tag pals in the post. You may also choose to share your content across different social media networks by using the buttons provided. Instagram carousel posts can have comments turned off in “Advanced Settings.”

Tips for Creating Successful Instagram Carousel Ads

The key to success with Carousel posts is to think outside the box. Check out these Instagram Carousel examples for some creative juices:

Rehash the Past Event

Carousel postings allow you to convey the excitement and energy of a gathering with a single update. Sharing several postings about the same occurrences is not required. It’s a fantastic approach to conveying the main points of an occasion to your audience without coming across as overly aggressive.

You might also include some attendees by tagging them in the post. Tell the world how grateful you are that they visited and how much fun they had. This tactic will guarantee that people will be missing out on your next event.

Tell the Untold Tales of the Set

To maintain interest, reveal some of the process to the viewers. If you regularly host events attended by notable figures, this tactic may provide excellent results. Celebrities drinking coffee together or pulling pranks on each other in the music industry are both great topics for Carousel articles.

The Versace SS20 show’s preparations were live-tweeted to the brand’s fans, as seen in the image below. Over 120,000 people liked their post.

Present the Staff

Do you want to engage with your audience on a deeper level? Putting an own spin on your marketing efforts is essential. Share the interests and personalities of your staff with your consumers.

Telling the tales of your employees may do wonders for your company’s reputation. A company’s culture and principles might be showcased in such an event. A win-win situation, if you will.

Distribute Content Created by Users

Your company may benefit from user-created content. It has the potential to increase brand loyalty, boost brand credibility, and generate a strong community among your Instagram followers.

Instagram’s Carousel posts make it easy to upload and share many user-generated media pieces at once.

Apple’s Instagram profile included customer-taken photographs as part of its #ShotoniPhone marketing push. Apple urged its customers to use their iPhones more often by curating user-generated content. Also, the high-quality camera on their phones is on full display in these images.

Tell the World About Your Brand

Sharing your brand’s narrative with your Instagram followers through Carousel posts won’t make you look out of touch. Making ensuring your Carousel article flows effectively with the rest of your feed is essential.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to harness the power of narrative and communicate your brand’s story. You may showcase everything from your very first product to your very first workplace in a Carousel post.