Create a Bio on Instagram That Stands Out and Gets Followers’ Attention

If you’ve used Instagram before, you know that people tend to keep their bios brief and to the point. People frequently include a funny one-liner, their contact information, and, in some cases, information about who they are and what they do. The content of your bio should be tailored to your brand; it’s unlikely to discover two biographies that are identical (unless someone is trying to steal another person’s identity).

Customers with short attention spans will appreciate the fact that you had to get creative and pick and choose what to include in your advertisement. When 29% of respondents in a survey said that Instagram is where they spend most of their advertising dollars, it became clear how crucial it is to have a well-written profile. Those interested in learning more about a business can do so in a number of ways, including visiting the business’s website and/or Instagram feed.

For what reason are you doing this way?

Establishing your Instagram account’s goals is essential before you begin. Can you please explain your intended outcomes? Do you intend to rely on Instagram’s affiliate marketing system to support yourself? Getting a sale is a goal, right? Do you want to find work? Do you want more people to check out your videos and read your articles? You want others to find out more about you, right?

One poll found that 81% of Instagram users use the platform to do product research, so it’s important to have a clear mission statement. The first stage is deciding how you want to be seen by the world through your Instagram account.


In this part, we’ll go over some helpful hints for you. Of course, not all of them will be applicable to your company in the same way, but you could just strike gold and learn something useful.


Whilst it may look childish to include cutesy symbols in your bio, doing so is a terrific way to spice things up, draw attention away from the text, and provide needed details in a flash.

Southern California is home to skateboarder Fran. She also sells artwork on her website and profits from advertisements and partnerships. The inclusion of her pronouns is important to her because she is of Puerto Rican heritage. Everything I just said is all on her bio. Her symbols’ bright splashes of colour make for a pleasant visual journey. The Puerto Rican flag, the skateboard, and the canvas are all instantly recognisable symbols.

This is helpful not just for those who have dyslexia and would thus benefit from reading less material, but also for others who are pressed for time and want to quickly skim a bio. It’s easy to get a sense of this person’s character from the trio of pictures she selected.

Your nationality is optional in your bio. Unless it’s integral to your brand’s identity, you may safely disregard this. Common choices include cameras and location pins for photographers, pens and paper for writers, and calculators and calculators for everyone else. I think you understand what I’m trying to say. It’s a fantastic idea to use visual means of expression in online social interactions.

Location on the map

This is crucial if your enterprise has limited geographic reach, such as a restaurant or concert hall. It is important to provide the location of any stores or offices in your bio. If you’re willing to relocate for employment, specify the radius around your current location or say “available globally” if you’re willing to work anywhere. However, location may not matter at all if you run an outbound call centre or virtual PBX.


Instagram allows you to insert your preferred pronouns in your bio without making any more room for them. Specifically, we’re interested in knowing if you’d rather be addressed as “she/her,” “he/him,” or “they/them” (or a combination of these). As an alternative to being black, pronouns adjacent to your handle are now grey. It’s up to you to decide if you want to mention this; if you work for a larger organisation, it may not make sense to do so.

But if you’re a single person, it could be wise to utilise them, as they provide you with additional information that doesn’t cost you anything.

Connecting to a website, whether commercial or personal

Provide a link to your preferred destination website if that is where you’d like all of your followers to end up. You shouldn’t stuff your bio full of links, thus this option works best if you have just one relevant website. The usage of a…

Tools for Creating Bio Links

Some examples of bio link tools include Linktree and Shorby. Why do they do that? They provide an orderly method for folks to browse many more of your links without overwhelming your bio. If you want to promote your business, a charity, or the business VoIP service you’re using, for example, you may provide your followers a clickable list of all of your other links.

Getting in touch with you

You need not give a phone number or email address if Instagram direct messaging is the most efficient means of interaction. Bear in mind that Instagram messages that have been deleted cannot be recovered. But, if you have a preferred email address, you should put that in your bio. “Email me at yourbusiness” or anything like would do the trick. If you don’t often check Instagram, you should pay special attention to this.