5 Tips To Gain More Views And Followers On TikTok

It can feel like an uphill fight to get seen in the flood of video being uploaded every day on TikTok, despite the fact that the site is ideal for users and businesses to market their content. As such, I’ve compiled a few simple guidelines for optimising your TikTok content to attract the largest possible audience and grow your following.

Unlike other social networking platforms, TikTok members don’t seem to care about how many people are following them. Unlike social media platforms, TikTok prioritises the quality of your content and the amount of engagement it receives in its algorithm rather than the quantity of your followers.

In that case, how can you promote your TikTok channel so that it becomes popular and attracts viewers and followers? Learning the TikTok algorithm is essential.

The algorithm behind TikTok

Methodology behind the TikTok algorithm:

The first step towards TikTok stardom is learning how your videos will be displayed. First and foremost, you need a lot of people to watch your films until the end (high view time), like them, comment on them, and share them.

In the beginning, just a tiny number of TikTok users will see your videos. If your content is well received by the test group, it will be shared with a wider audience.

The simple line is that if no one is watching your films, no one will be subscribed to them. To gain more fans on TikTok, you should produce content that is interesting to the platform’s users.

You’ll get more users if you can keep them engaged inside the app for longer. It’s a tall order, but there are some simple techniques you can do to boost your videos’ chances of going viral.

How to Get More Views on TikTok?

Shorten video lengths

The old adage goes something like, “Brevity is the spirit of wit.” Ratio of completed to total views is important. Shorter videos, between 15 and 30 seconds, are more likely to be watched. Several studies have shown that if a video is more than 30 seconds long, many viewers will stop watching before it’s through. Yet, you risk losing viewers if your video is too brief (less than 15 seconds). Sometimes a very brief video will go viral, but usually it’s just a funny outtake or a sketch.

Enhance the initial three seconds

To ensure customers stay on your site for the long haul, you need to hook them in the first three seconds. If the viewer isn’t interested within the first few seconds, they will most likely click away. If you want people to pay attention for more than three seconds, your content needs to be fascinating right from the start.
Recant your tale.
Your audience wants to feel like they know you on a more intimate level after watching your show or reading your article. People are searching for genuineness and a sense of connection in the content you present. Your audience will respond positively if they can tell that you are enthusiastic about what you are sharing.

TikTok allows you to take real-life events and make them funny or otherwise accessible to an online audience.

Don’t sugarcoat anything, but make sure your story is intriguing enough to keep people watching.

Conclude with an appeal for action (CTA)

A call to action is an explicit prompt for the target audience to take some sort of further action. It’s the last step in making an impact on your audience, and it’s a powerful way to gain traction on TikTok in terms of both views and followers.

Use a compelling call to action (CTA) at the end of your films. Getting people to leave comments can increase your video’s exposure (commenting keeps the video playing while the viewer types their message). The best way to get popular on TikTok is to constantly upload new content; after all, the more videos you have, the better your odds of going viral. Try out a few different layouts and copy the one that works best.

Try checking out the profiles of other TikTok users if you’re at a loss for what to film next. Also, you can research trending topics and hashtags.

Promote your brand with today’s top hits and current hashtags

The app itself promotes several of the most popular themes on TikTok in order to monetise relationships with brands and musicians. As a general rule, the views of videos that feature popular songs or hashtags increase.

Use popular hashtags to increase your own audience size. Use the hashtag in your own video to help it receive more views than usual, and then search for it to see what other TikTok users are doing with the hashtag to see what kinds of films they are making with it.

Lighting is important, therefore spend money on it

The quality of a video upload does make a difference on TikTok. When watching a video, people are more inclined to remain watching if they find it aesthetically pleasant.

You don’t need to go out and buy expensive professional gear, but you should make sure your space has lots of natural light or that you have a few lamps with diffused light.

If your video is of poor quality, viewers will quickly swipe over it without giving your message a chance.


Even though TikTok’s methodology is a mystery, you can use these strategies to increase your chances of being discovered. TikTok is a fantastic platform from which to launch a business or simply establish an online identity. Gaining traction on TikTok is a matter of putting in some time and effort. It may require some trial and error, but if you keep these guidelines in mind, you’ll be well on your way.