How To Boost Your Instagram Followers For Your Business?

The quantity of people that follow your brand on Instagram is important, no matter how little that may seem.


A large number of followers might be taken as social evidence by potential customers.

A brand with few consumers that support it may appear fake or unreliable.

On the other side, Instagram may flag your account as spam if you have a lot of followers but little interactions with your audience.

The objective is to rapidly expand your audience by morally sound means.

Gaining your first thousand Instagram followers

Be careful to provide high-quality images to your Instagram business profile and fill out all sections. Keep Your Brand’s Voice Consistent Across All Posts
How to Write Conversion-Driven Instagram Captions
Avoid Buying Irrelevant Followers

Let’s talk about how to gain your first 1,000 Instagram followers before we get into organic growth.

Make sure everything is filled out on your Instagram Business Profile.
Your Instagram Business Profile will perform better if all of its sections are filled out.

Verify sure the link in your bio takes readers to either the main page of your site or another page that is of interest to your brand.

From your company’s Instagram profile, customers may access this link for further information about your offerings without leaving the app.

Including a link to your website in your profile is a great way to attract new customers.

You may make these changes by selecting the Edit Profile link on your profile page. Next, click the button labelled Done in the top right corner of your screen, and enter the name of the designated link into the Website field.

Regularly share high-caliber images

Instagram caters to those who value aesthetics and seek out high-quality pictures. If you want to attract an audience, your media should reflect that.

Photos get 27.55% more likes than permanent video postings, and nearly 14% more likes than multi-image carousels, per HubSpot’s 2020 Instagram Engagement Report.
Remember this number when you craft your Instagram marketing strategy. However, you should still do experiments with various kinds of visual content to find out what your target audience responds to best.

For instance:

  • Live video feeds
  • Photo stills
  • In-camera filters
  • Carousels Reels IGTV

One or two posts every day, or at least three or four per week, is recommended.

However many posts you decide to make and how often you decide to publish them, consistency in rhythm is essential.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to make sure that your brand is consistently in people’s minds on the platform.

Never let your postings seem like a parody of your brand

Your brand’s personality should shine through in your social media posts. You want your material to feel genuine to the user while still capturing Instagram’s lighthearted vibe.

To make sure all of your company’s content is consistent and sounds like it came from you, it’s a good idea to create a brand style guide to give to your social media manager or marketing agency.

Instagram captions should be given as much attention as the photos they accompany.

Instagram’s interface is a scrolling one, similar to that of other social media sites. A compelling caption will make the reader pause, providing you a window of opportunity to make a sale.

Never pay for inauthentic fans

Instagram will remove followers who are obviously fraudulent.

Who here can’t recall Instagram’s controversial deletion of accounts a few years back?

Inactive and spam profiles began to be deleted by the social network in 2018.

In addition, Instagram’s algorithm gives a boost to posts in the feeds of users who have a “relationship” with the poster.

Relationships are built on engagements, therefore interacting with actual people is the greatest way to gain the trust of your audience.

Tips for gaining organic traction on Instagram to build your brand

Follow along for suggestions on how to increase your business’s Instagram following without spending a lot of money. Discover free methods to rapidly expand your Instagram following.

One, optimise your content’s discoverability by include relevant hashtags and branded hashtags.
Using hashtags makes your Instagram posts more discoverable by both current and future consumers.

Based on the same HubSpot analysis from 2020, we know that the optimal number of hashtags is between five and six.

Use geotags when you upload

Including location tags in Instagram images is a terrific way to gain organic exposure and new followers quickly.

You may organise your Instagram photos in accordance with specified geographical coordinates by using location tags (also known as geotags).

Geotags, like hashtags, increase your Instagram profile’s discoverability. They may also boost foot traffic in your storefront from both tourists and locals.

Interact with Instagram users often and quickly

Active participation and prompt answers are additional strategies for attracting new followers on Instagram.

Engage with comparable Instagram accounts by following, like, and commenting. Faster than you would think, this will raise awareness of your company and lead people back to your Instagram page.

Your Instagram business page may also interact with other user accounts. People are taking the time to interact with the stuff you’re sharing, so you should return the favour by responding to their comments.

Use a giveaway with a follow-up to notify winners

Do you want to know how to gain Instagram followers without really following anyone?

Create a competition or give-away that requires Instagram users to follow your Business Profile to enter.

You need not provide any enormous reward. Free samples of premium services or products are very popular with consumers.

Advertise your business’s Instagram page on other platforms

Need additional strategies for gaining organic Instagram followers?

Put up a call to action on the other social media accounts associated with your brand, such as Twitter or Facebook, encouraging users to follow your Instagram page.

Offer an exclusive discount for Instagram followers in order to pique interest and justify the request. Incentives may be quite effective.