6 Ways To Share on Instagram

Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to a platform where users may now express themselves in a variety of ways when deciding how to reach their followers. Instagram users have a wide variety of options for interacting with their followers through the content they publish, from interactive stories to Reels and Instagram Live videos.

6 Instagram Sharing Options

Because of Instagram’s flexible sharing options, marketers and creators may tailor their interactions with the platform’s users to their specific needs. Instagram users can make the following categories of content to share:

Updates on the Feed

Since its inception, Instagram has relied on in-feed updates as its primary means of content distribution. Instagram users may view your content while they navigate through their feeds when you publish an in-feed post. While traditional feed postings were limited to a single image, the new carousel post format allows for an unlimited number of images and video clips.

These are great for showcasing many images from the same trip or presenting a tale. Attention can also be easily garnered from an in-feed post by use of bright and eye-catching visuals.

How to forward a post from the feed: To publish an image to Instagram, open the app, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner, and select ‘Post.’ You may either upload a single image or video, or you can use the ‘Multiple’ icon to upload a series of images or videos to create a carousel. Choose ‘Next’ to make changes to the post, including the ability to apply filters and include a caption. When you are satisfied with your work, select the “Share” option.


Instagram users may share “reels,” which are short video clips with the intention of informing or entertaining their followers. Due to the captivating nature of reels, they have the potential to significantly enhance interaction with your account.

At the time of posting, you’ll be given the choice to make your Reel available to the whole public or restrict access to to those on your Close Friends list.

Disseminating a Reel: To add a reel to your feed, use the same plus sign (+) that you would for a standard post, but this time choose ‘Reel.’ Get started on your Reel now. When you’re ready, choose Next, make any necessary changes, and select Share.


Pictures and videos may both tell a story. Polls, text boxes, quizzes, and emoji sliders are just some of the interactive components that help your audience engage with your content in exciting, collaborative ways. Instagram Story Ads allow you to expand on the functionality of Stories by including additional elements like a call to action (CTA).

Storytelling 101 To add a new slide to your Instagram Story, tap your profile image in the upper left corner of the app. You can upload numerous slides at once or just one. When you’re satisfied with your slideshow, hit the publish button. You may decide whether your post will be visible to everyone or just your Close Friends.

Instagram Live

During an Instagram Live, you and your viewers may have a two-way conversation in real time. Those who have signed up to be notified when you go live will receive an immediate alert. Sharing timely updates or building meaningful relationships with your audience is easy with a live broadcast.

Making a Live Video for Instagram: To go live, tap the plus sign. Tap the centre button to begin your Live broadcast.

Collab Posts

When you and another Instagram user create a post together, you both get credit for it. Likes and comments on the collaborative post are distributed equally among all participants. This strategy is frequently employed by brands to promote the work of influencers with whom they collaborate.

How to promote a group effort: Put together a message in the standard fashion. Before you share, choose ‘Tag individuals’ and then ‘Invite colleague.’ Select the invitee’s account from the list to initiate a notification request. Then disseminate your message.


Instagram advertisements may help get the word out about a brand new offering, sale, or service. Each Instagram advertising campaign can have its own budget and target demographic.

Instagram ads may be created in two ways: by boosting an existing post or by starting a new campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram allows users to share content created by others

If you want to make your content strategy more complete, you can certainly do so by resharing popular Instagram photos with your target audience. Instagram, on the other hand, isn’t as user-friendly when it comes to sharing as other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In order to add a post from another author to your feed while still giving them credit, you’ll need a resharing software like Repost, which is available for both iOS and Android. Another option is to provide a link to another user’s post in your Story for your followers to view. Locate the desired post, and then hit the share button. Then, select “Add to story” to include the post as a new slide on your tale.

For the Best Instagram Results, Diversify Your Content Types

Share material with your followers using a variety of Instagram post kinds. It’s possible that some of your followers are more interested in looking through Stories, while others are more interested in Reels and in-feed postings. More people will be reached when you use a variety of content formats to appeal to what they’re interested in reading.

You may increase your following on Instagram while you figure out what works best for you to post by using the Instagram Follow Button. It can be added to your site in a matter of minutes and makes it easy for your readers to start following you on Instagram.